Personalized Quilts

Here is a page I am going to set up where individuals can see quilts that can be order and personalized as they like them.

This first one is a floral style quilt, you can choose the main background color, the color of the petals, and the color of the wording you would like.

I can make it in a square 40 x 40 inches or a rectangle 35 x 40 inches.

Below is an example of 40 x 40 inches that you can order.  The flowers in the would not be included in the price quoted below.

The price for this personalized little quilt would be $45.00 not including shipping which would be an additions $14.00 USPS flat rate shipping.  I would require half of the payment up front, Paypal would be the best and fastest option, but other options can be discussed.  If you wanted the scrolls and the flowers added to each corner there would have to be an additional $20.00 fee as each of those little flowers I hand stitched on.

Please contact me if you have any questions.  I am quick to respond.

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