Monday, March 7, 2016

Spring Mini Quilt part 1

Today I am working on two different projects.  The first is a footstool quilt, at least that is what I call it.  I have one of those huge not so nice looking tan microfiber 3 ft x 3 ft footstools that sits in the center of the even larger U shaped couch, so I like to make little quilts to change up the look every now and then.  Have had a winter mini quilt on there since before Christmas and it is about time for a change I think.

The pictures did not come out as good as I thought they would, terrible lighting in my sewing room but here they are.

You can see I have some small circles in a light green Rayon thread for the quilting, but only on the white.  I want the wording and the "Curved Teardrop Flowers" to stand up a little above the white section of the quilt.

Here you can see a few of the "Curved Teardrop Flowers" together.  I used a medium green pearl cotton #10.  Not sure where I purchased it put they can be purchased at any craft store and most Walmart's.  I like to call the stitches "Big Stitching", I like the way it make certain elements stand out, kinda like look at me.

I did a raw edge applique on the mini quilt.  I used Heat n' Bond.  In the past I have used Pellon 810, I think it is was called, that brand of double sided fusing would not even hold on long enough for me to sew down all my applique's.  I do like the fact that once it is washed you can not even tell that there is any fusing at all.  I want to see what Heat n' Bond does after it is washed, will it be noticeable and still or like it is not even there.
The raw edge applique is nice because I like the way the edges of the fabric frays a little to give a little more uniqueness.  

What I basically finished on the mini quilt today was the green circle quilting, tomorrow I will get the binding on, but I still have little mini flowers in the corners that I need to stitch down, trying to decide if I want to try and sew them down (messy so small) or hand sew them down.  Hand sew will probably win out.

I will post again when more is done on this Spring Mini Quilt.  I am also going to use it as a template that somebody can request to have their child's name appliqued in the center if they want.  Or just want the flowers all over.

Ta Ta for now.

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